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WalletZ support PUBLIC Wallets & EXCHANGES accounts in ONE Place!

An Easy and Fast way to track your Wallets!

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What is WalletZ ?

A FREE application to check multiple digital wallets in one place with real time updates!

Stop visiting multiples websites or use spreadsheets to keep tracking your wallets.

Support for over 1000 COINS.

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WalletZ Features

Balance Check

Support instant market value for more than 1000 Coins!

Public Wallets

Just need wallet address
No Passphrases Required!

Exchange Accounts

Instant fetch all your wallets inside of supported third party sites!

Auto Balances

Updates for supported coins directly from the ledger network.

Coin Conversion

Get total values and price per unit in US Dollar, Euros and Chinese Yuan.


All information is kept in user computer. 100% Safe, Secure & Anonymous.


WalletZ will get continous update from the developer.


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WalletZ is FREE!

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